Unger Stephan

Stephan Unger studied Management Science at the Vienna University of Economics and Business in Austria and worked several years as stockbroker before joining the Markets & Investment Banking Division of UniCredit as corporate FX/Fixed income structurer before pursuing his PhD in Finance at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and Imperial College London.

He worked then as Assistant prae-doc at Vienna University of Economics and Business before working as Assistant Professor at the Finance Department of the University of Vienna for five years. During that time, Stephan was also director of an algorithmic FX-trading company, operating his own fund.

Since 2016 he works at the Department of Economics and Business at Saint Anselm College, NH, USA, as Associate Professor of Finance. He joined the New England College as Adjunct Professor in Finance in 2019, and was also appointed as Associate Professor of Finance at the Gerrish School of Business at Endicott College, Beverly, Massuchusetts, in 2022. His research interests ranges from monetary and macro-economic topics, as well as trading and pricing-related issues to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence applications in geo-political context. He publishes regularly papers in joint cooperation with the Austrian central bank and started recently to focus on ethical issues in economics and finance.

Since 2023 he oversees the provident fund of the Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE). He is also standing program committee member of the World Energy Council (WEC) in London, as well as Board member of the Young Energy Professional Program of the WEC in Austria, which he co-founded.

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