Stix Rudiger

Rüdiger “Roger” Stix is developing and mediating neutral solutions and options for conflicting interests on ELSA, Ethical, Legal and Societal Impact of emerging and disruptive Technologies since 2012 on Dual-Use, and especially in urban industrial applications and on cross-border sensitive infrastructures with the integration of AI and the normative management of AI.

Rüdiger Stix is graduate of the Maria Theresia Military Academy, the oldest Military Academy of the World, and of the University Vienna, second oldest in the German speaking countries after the Karl University at Prague (with a Mag. iur. and a Dr.iur.), and the ZMNE, Zrinyi Faculty of Military Sciences, Budapest (PhD.). He served in governmental functions (of the MoD at the Legal and at the General-staff Directorate, and on Science, Research and Innovation), in Legislation and in Urban Planning and Administration (at the State Parliament and the City Council of Vienna), and in Justice (at the BVwG, the Federal Administrative Court). Rüdiger Stix is experienced in industry (Renewable Energy), Sports (acting Commissioner of the World Ethic Committee of the IJF, the International Judo Federation), and in Research and Science (working as Hon. Professor of the SFU, Sigmund Freud University Vienna, esp. on Normative Management in Cognitive Sciences).

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