Marco Scherbaum

Marco Scherbaum is the managing director of Health for All, which he founded in 2016 as a sole shareholder. As a broker and management consultant, he specializes in collective solutions for company health insurance and company care. He is active nationwide for sustainable economic, health and personnel policy of companies, municipalities, clubs and associations. In addition, Scherbaum works as a lecturer for health economics and system worlds of German health policy.

As a European Senator for Economic Affairs, Scherbaum represents the EES> Corporate Health department. He is thus a member of the Expert Council for the EU, which relies on the body in legislative procedures. Scherbaum is a member of the Federal Health Commission, in which he is involved in the design of a modern social and health system.

At the 2021 Annual General Meeting, Scherbaum was elected with 89 percent of the votes to the Supervisory Board of the European Economic Senate (EES), which has offices in Munich and Brussels.

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