Rod Richardson

Rod Richardson serves as President of the Grace Richardson Fund (GRF), and co-founder/co-chair of the Climate & Freedom International Coalition Meeting, co-facilitated in collaboration with Americans for Tax Reform Foundation/Tholos Foundation. GRF pioneers new free market solutions to emerging 21st C. challenges. Notably, over the last decade, GRF has emerged as the leading private foundation pioneering free market climate policy, a set of new proposals rooted in the observation that the key solution for climate change, poverty and the evils that follow, is one and the same thing: more freedom. All the tools in the free market toolbox — free trade, competition, property rights, supply side tax policy, democracy, and rule of law, etc. — can be combined in novel ways to powerfully accelerate not only the innovation and deployment of ever cleaner solutions, but the expansion of freedom itself — and with that, the eradication of global poverty. As a hybrid private foundation / think tank, GRF follows a strategy of collaborative policy innovation. It convenes scores of fellow think tanks and hundreds of scholars and experts, to brainstorm and develop new freedom-expanding solutions to the pressing problems of our time.

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