From 1996 until 2023 Michael Jäger was Secretary General  of the European Taxpayers’ movement Taxpayers Association of Europe (TAE), since 2023 he is President and since 2011 also Chief Executive Manager (CEO) of the European Economic Senate, the network of leading corporates in Europe. Since 1991, Michael Jäger is working for the Bavarian Taxpayers Association, since October 2015 as a Vice-President. He is also Vice-President of the German Taypayers Association and of the World Taxpayers Association (WTA). He is an entrepreneur, consultant and author working as a watchdog of the taxpayers and a fighter for less taxation, more individual freedom and free market economy with publications, articles, statements and lectures in matters pertaining to taxation, public spending, agricultural and structural reforms, funds, deregulation, privatization and institutional reforms.

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