Alvino-Mario Fantini

Alvino-Mario Fantini is editor-in-chief and publisher of the quarterly print and online publication, The European Conservative, and is managing director of the European Center for Documentation and Information, a Vienna think-tank. He has been bureau chief of Bridge News and Telerate in South America, consultant at the Far Eastern Economic Review in Hong Kong and writer/editor at The European Wall Street Journal in Brussels. He has also worked as an editor, researcher and speechwriter for several multilateral organizations. He studied philosophy and theology at Dartmouth College (Thesis: “Catholic Religious Orders, Secular Societies and Resistance to Modernity”) and earned graduate degrees in international development, journalism and public policy in Europe, Latin America and the United States. He works, intermittently and remotely, as a doctoral candidate (in philosophy) at Leiden University (research topic: “The Philosophical Roots of ‘Bannonism’: Towards an Understanding of Current Nationalist, Populist and Sovereigntist Movements”). He is a board member of the Center for European Renewal in Amsterdam, and a member of the Philadelphia Society, Mont Pelerin Society, Samuel Johnson Society and the Institut d’Études Politiques. Previously he was honorary Secretary-General of the Hayek Institute in Vienna. He is currently a member of the Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal in Mecosta (Michigan) and the Abigail Adams Institute in Cambridge (Massachusetts).

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