Alex Diaconu

Alex Diaconu, a seasoned entrepreneur, brings over 23 years of expertise in tech (AI, DLT), health (health data, CROs, stem cells), and e-commerce.

Since 2020, he has been Co-founder & CEO of AiGIA Health, an open health data infrastructure for personalized AI.

Alex is devoted to empowering individuals to unlock the value of their health data and to consciously engage in preventative care and research.

In context of the World Economic Forum 2030 Agenda, as a global citizen, he champions fundamental human rights and shaping the good society, currently undergoing significant transformation due to the impact of the 4th industrial revolution.

As a proud Aspen Institute Alumnus, a member of World Economic Forum, HIMSS and AmCham, Alex contributes to the integration of ethics in development of new frameworks for Artificial Intelligence, especially focused on addressing the ethical considerations surrounding the secondary use of Health Data for research purposes.

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