Chitester, Bob

Bob Chitester

Bob Chitester

Bob Chitester is the founder and currently Executive Chairman of Free To Choose® Network. Since completing his BA and MA degrees at the University of Michigan, he created closed circuit educational television systems and launched a public television and radio station, which he headed for 16 years. He has created numerous public television programs, including Milton Friedman’s 1980 world-changing series, Free To Choose. The series and book based on the series are still in wide circulation and have been used as guides in the development of emerging countries. Allegheny College awarded Chitester an Honorary Doctorate in recognition of this achievement.

Chitester also created Stossel in the Classroom which morphed into®, a major source of educational videos serving over 300,000 middle and secondary school teachers. He started The Idea Channel®, a library of over 200 recordings of intellectual discussions between the world’s leading scholars and statesman, including 16 Nobel Prize laureates.

Currently he is leading the effort to develop a major series on the history and importance of free speech. And for a change of pace from mass media, he’s guiding the development of Capitaf, Milton and Rose Friedman’s summer home in West Fairlee, Vermont as a venue for Residential Colloquiums on Friedman’s public policy ideas for small groups of college students.