European Resource Bank Meeting 2019

New Frontiers for Liberty – How to Win the Battle for Freedom

Come and join the XVI European Resource Bank (ERB) Meeting – the largest gathering of free minds in Europe!

The ERB brings together classical liberal and conservative intellectuals, entrepreneurs, institutes, foundations, and think tanks from all parts of the Old Continent and the rest of the world. It’s been the Must-Attend event since 2002.

With the 2019 edition we want to facilitate a space in which the European Liberty Movement can learn the techniques and skills necessary to spread our message and to campaign in the most effective way. The program will put special emphasis on communication, social media, best practices, biggest challenges, and grassroots.

The ERB has teamed up with the Naumann Foundation for Freedom, who will co-organize the coming event.  The venue will be the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova. It is the most prestigious university and also the traditional location of the Free Market Road Show in Chisinau.

Have a Good Project Idea? Get Funding for it at the Dragons’ Den Competition

This year’s European Resource Bank will also host the “Think Tank Dragons’ Den” competition. The competition is modeled after a popular BBC Show where entrepreneurs pitch business plans to five investors in the hope of raising capital for their venture.

If you wish to compete for extra funding for your project, please send an email to office[at]austriancenter.com (subject: Dragons’ Den – NAME OF YOUR INSTITUTION). Apply with a description of your organization (max. one page long) and a description of your project (again one page).

Deadline for Reception is February 11th 2019 (No Exceptions Will Be Made). Those who are selected to compete will be announced by latest March 1st 2019.

The selected participants will be granted an automatic scholarship for the ERB fee and accommodation.

Program 2019

Thursday, March 28th 2019


12:30 pm – 01:00 pm

Taxpayers Regional Forum

World Taxpayers Associations


ASEM Building F, room 103

(Per invitation only)

01:00 pm – 02:00 pmLunch

  • Keynote Speaker: Daniel Mitchell, tbc
02:00 pm – 02:15 pmWelcome and Introduction to Advocacy

  • John O’Connell, Chief Executive, TaxPayers’ Alliance
02:15 pm – 03:30 pmActivity and Blue Sky Session

Chair: Cristina Berechet. Secretary General, WTA.

This session provides taxpayer leaders the opportunity to introduce themselves. Also, leaders are encouraged to present new ideas, with an emphasis on collaboration, that have the potential to advance taxpayer advocacy.

  • David Williams: IGO Watch
03:30 pm – 03:45 pmGroup Photo and Coffee Break
03:45 pm – 05:00 pmFundraising. Personal solicitation fundraising and donor relations

Chair: Staffan Wennberg. Former President, World Taxpayers Associations

  • Ron Nehring, Leadership Institute


05:00 pm – 06:00 pmBreak
06:00 pm – 07:30 pm

Americans for Tax Reform

Coalition Leader Forum – Reception

Beraria Chisinau, Strada Eugen Doga 2

07:30 pm – 09:00 pmDinner

Beraria Chisinau, Strada Eugen Doga 2

07:00 pm – 09:00 pm

European Economic Senate

Economy Talks

ASEM Building F, room 103

(Per invitation only)

Friday, March 29th 2019

09:00 am – 09:30 am

Free Market Road Show Chisinau



ASEM Building F, room 203

More info: http://freemarket-rs.com/

09:00 am – 09:15 am

2019 World Taxpayers Conference Moldova

World Taxpayers Associations

Welcome Words

  • John O’Connell, TaxPayers’ Alliance

ASEM Building F, room 103, (per invitation only)

More info: http://worldtaxpayers.org/conferences-events

09:30 am – 09:40 amOpening and Welcome

09:15 am – 10:00 amTools for Tax Reform

  • Daniel Bunn, Global Projects, Tax Foundation
09:40 am – 11:00 amPanel

Topic: Intellectual property rights and the public interest

Chair: Barbara Kolm, Austrian Economics Center

10:00 am – 11:15 amPanel

Topic: European Elections an Opportunity for Tax Reform

Chair: Christopher Lingle, University Francisco Marroquin

11:00 am – 11:30 amCoffee Break11:15 am – 11:30 amCoffee Break
11:30 am- 12:50 pmPanel

Topic: Freedom versus Governance

Chair: Federico Fernández, Austrian Economics Center

11:30 am – 01:00 pm


Topic: Communicatins Strategies

Chair: John O’Connell, TaxPayers’ Alliance

  • Brent Lowder, Leadership Institute
  • Scott Hodge, Tax Foundation
12:50 pm- 01:00 pmClosing remarks
01:00 pm – 01:45 pm



01:45 pm – 02:00 pmOpening Remarks and Welcome

02:00 pm – 02:20 pmOpening Speech  

  • Ingo Friedrich, Vize President of European Parliament ret., European Economic Senate
02:20 pm – 03:00 pmShort Panel

Topic: Digital Economy and the New Wave of Taxations

Moderator: Andreas Hellmann, Americans for Tax Reform

03:00 pm – 03:35 pmShort Panel

Topic: Innovation Policy and Health Financing. Solutions from Free Market Advocates

Moderator: Lorenzo Montanari, Property Rights Alliance

03:35 pm – 04:00 pmCoffee Break
 04:00 pm – 04:30 pmKeynote Speech

Topic:  Real Problems and Fake Problems: The Debt Trap and Freedom versus Equality

 04:30 pm – 05:45 pmPanel

Topic: A Global View on the Protection and Promotion of Intellectual Property.

Moderator: Rolf von Hohenhau, Taxpayers Association of Europe

 05:45 pm – 06:00 pm Break and Preparations for the Competition
06:00 pm – 07:00 pmDragons’ Den Competition

Cooperation with ASEM

07:00 pm – 07:30 pmBreak
07:30 pm – 09:30 pmDinner

Venue: Restaurant Bristol, Pushkin Street 32

Dinner speech: The Quotable Milton Friedman

Saturday, March 30th 2019

09:00 am – 10:30 amBest Practice

Topic: How to Promote (Effectively) the Ideas of Liberty?

Moderator: Federico Fernández, Austrian Economics Center

10:30 am – 11:00 amCoffee Break
11:00 am – 12:00 pmPanel

Topic: Harm Reduction – How to deal with Overregulation

12:00 pm – 01:00 pmLunch
01:00 pm – 02:30 pmExcursion to Transnistria

IMPORTANT: Please bring a passport for the border control into Transnistria! Only passports are accepted.

Bus Lectures

          Topic: WWI to Today – 100 Years of Change in Europe

          Topic: The Costs of the Paris Agreement

02:30 pm – 03:20 pmVisit of War Memorial and Bender Fortress
03:20 pm – 03:50 pmTransfer to Tiraspol
03:50 pm – 04:40 pmSightseeing tour of Tiraspol, the capital of Transnistria

In Tiraspol we will travel back in time back to USSR. We will visit the monument of Vladimir Lenin and tanks left from the Second World War.

04:40 pm – 06:00 pmBack to Chisinau

Bus Lectures

          Topic: What Types of Regulation promote vs. stifle Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and economic Growth?

          Download PDF

          Topic: The coming Intellectual Revolution: how Free Markets are the best Way to deliver sustainable Prosperity

          Download PDF

6:00 pmDinner & Announcement of the Winners of the Dragons’ Den Competition

Venue: Milestii Mici Winery

Sunday, March 31st 2019

09:00 am – 10:00 amPanel

Topic: How to Fight Tax Abuses? An Anglo European Perspective.

Moderator: Rolf von Hohenhau, Taxpayers Association of Europe

10:00 am – 11:00 amPanel

Topic: The European Freedom Movement and Politics. How to Connect Them?

 11:00 am – 11:10amClosing Remarks

Barbara Kolm, Austrian Economics Center

11:10 pm – 11:30 pmCoffee Break


Rooms are allocated in the following three hotels.

Please mention that you are booking the room for the “European Resource Bank”!

Radisson Blu Hotel Chisinau
str. Mitropolit Varlaam 77, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Website: https://www.radissonblu.com/en/hotel-chisinau?facilitatorId=CSOSEO&csref=org_gmb_sk_en_sn_ho_KIVZL
Tel: +373 (22) 201201
Directions: Directions from Radisson Blu Hotel

Standard room, single use – 100,00€ per night
Standard room, double use – 115,00€ per night

Bookings are accepted while rooms are available!

The rates above are non-commissionable, including VAT and other applicable taxes. Also included are:

  • Super Breakfast
  • FREE of use wireless high speed internet in our guest rooms and all other areas of the hotel
  • Free of charge use of the Fitness Club and Aqua Zone (Jacuzzi and Saunas)
  • Complimentary tea & coffee provisions in the room
  • Free bottle of water (0,5 l/person)

Bristol Central Park
Pushkin Street 32, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Website: http://bristol.md
Tel: +373 (22) 902222
Directions: Directions from Bristol Central Park Hotel

Standard room, single use – 75,00€ per night
Standard room, double use – 85,00€ per night

The above-mentioned price includes the following free facilities:

  • Full English Breakfast; Complimentary tea/coffee/water in the Room.
  • Iron and ironing board; Free Wi- Fi internet connection.
  • Parking; Fitness Room; 24/7 Reception, 24/24 Guest Relation Department;
  • 11AM/10:30PM Room service.

City Park Hotel
Eugen Doga 2A, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Website: http://city-park.hotelschisinau.com/en/
Tel: +373 (22) 249249
Directions: Directions from City Park Hotel

Book here: http://citypark.md/?lang=en

Standard room, single use – European Resource Bank, offered price – 55,00€ per night
Standard room, double use – European Resource Bank, offered price – 65,00€ per night


  • Breakfast
  • WLAN
  • Swimming pool
  • Fitness center
  • 24/7 reception
  • Secured parking
  • Ironing facilities

The map below shows the location of the hotels in relation to the venue (the venue is north of all three hotels).

Past Editions

What is the European Resource Bank?

The European Resource Bank is the largest annual conference of think tanks in Europe. Today it gathers representatives from dozens of European think tanks, scholars, policy experts, elected officials and other parties interested in the debate over strategies and problems posed to the European economies and the future of individual liberty in Europe. It was modelled after the Resource Bank meeting organized by the Heritage Foundation in the United States and the Liberty Forum organized by the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.


ERB meetings attempt to build a ‘bank’ of human capital – the ultimate resource in the enterprise of freedom – and to create and renew the ties between the participating organizations.

While topics of the meeting are wide-ranging, from issues of European economic integration to the financial and monetary questions, the primary mission of the European Resource Bank Meetings is to improve the organizational strategy for those promoting freedom throughout Europe, and to serve as a meeting forum for organisations, experts, partners and friends to develop new ideas and share experiences.

Thus, the European Resource Bank provides unparalleled networking opportunities for all groups and individuals in Europe.


The European Resource Bank project started fifteen years ago at the initiative of Pierre Garello, Barbara Kolm, Wolfgang Müller and Hardy Bouillon, when representatives from thirteen European classical liberal think tanks came together in November 2003 in Gummersbach, Germany. They met to reflect on ways to improve inter-organisational cooperation. During this meeting a consensus was reached that work was still required when it comes to improve two things. First, organizational strategies and second, continuous invitation to all those involved in the promotion of individual liberty throughout Europe to join the debate. This led Pierre Garello, Director of IES Europe, to establish the inaugural European Resource Bank meeting in Borovec, Bulgaria, spearheaded by Krassen Stanchev.

Since then, each European Resource Bank Meeting has been hosted by a different European institute. The program is designed by the organizer in close cooperation with historical members of the group.

The next event

The 16th European Resource Bank Meeting will be held in Chisinau (Moldova) on 28th – 31st March, 2019.

Contact us

You can also call us at +43 1 505 13 49-32.