European Resource Bank Meeting 2023

April 14th – 16th in Porto

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The European Resource Bank Meeting turns 20! We will celebrate the anniversary in Porto together with the Instituto +Liberdade. There is a lot to discuss and do for think tanks; a lot happened during and after Corona. Inflation, environment and free markets, the future of democracy, remaining issues after the Corona restrictions, to name a few hot topics. Politicians, policy makers, and activists try to implement new standards in various areas, be it skyrocketing public dept and public spending, lose fiscal and monetary policies. In Europe we were accustomed to peace, even took it for granted. The Russia-Ukraine war changed that over night. Corona has shown the readiness of people to give up personal freedoms for the sake of security, be it relinquishing potentially unhealthy food or be it submitting to a lockdown, thus enabling politicians to assume more power. The climate change is not primarily addressed with innovation but with restrictions. And we seem to lose the culture of reasonable discussion; people emotionally try to enforce rules based on their opinion. This tendency is sometimes even intensified by media.

In other words: There is a broad variety of topics to take care of and offer solutions for.

The Instituto +Liberdade is a Portuguese think tank dedicated to promoting economic, political and individual freedom. The goal of the Institute is to promote an understanding of free-market economics through an educational approach.

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