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Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Babes-Bolyai University

Strada Teodor Mihali 58-60

Cluj-Napoca 400591, Romania

Babes Bolyai University

The ERB 2024

Economy, Geopolitics and Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century

Now in its 21st year, the European Resource Bank will take place in Cluj, Romania. This year, we will look at the complex interdependencies between economics, geopolitics and entrepreneurship. These three pillars are not only intertwined, but also crucial to shaping our global future.

Economy: Opportunities and Challenges

The economy is at the heart of our society. It drives innovation, creates jobs and affects the lives of billions of people. But how do we navigate a world characterized by technological change, trade conflicts, and economic uncertainty? What opportunities are there for companies that boldly break new ground?

Geopolitics: The Changing World

The geopolitical landscape is changing rapidly. National interests, regional conflicts and global power shifts shape our time. How do these developments influence entrepreneurial activity? What are the risks and potentials arising from the political changes?

Entrepreneurship: Of Visionaries and Innovators

Entrepreneurs are the architects of our future. They not only create wealth, but also shape social change. At a time when the focus is on sustainability, digitalization and social responsibility, courageous visionaries are in demand. How can we rethink entrepreneurship and find sustainable solutions to the challenges of our time?

Focus on Tax Models: which one is the Best?

Flat tax: Uniform tax rate for all income groups. Simple, but controversial due to moral responsibility consideration. Progressive: Tiered tax rates that offer the politically favored social justice, but complex. EU politicians want to harmonize rates across the EU, of course on a high level. Libertarians advocate for systems that help boost the economy.

Artificial Intelligence – Blessing or Curse?

AI is everywhere: from simple tasks such as writing our texts, creating images, analyzing our internet behavior, to complicated ones such as surgery and warfare. Should we regulate AI or adapt and use it?

Cash and its Alternatives

Cash is freedom, works in all situations and is anonymous. But it is endangered by those favoring easy to control electronic money transfer. Could Bitcoin & Co be a solution?

Many topics, many challenges, many questions, which we will discuss during our conference. This is the purpose of the 21st European Resource Bank Meeting. Register now!