European Resource Bank Meeting 2017

We invite all Friends of Liberty and Europe to join us at the 14th European Resource Bank (ERB) Meeting in Podgorica (Montenegro), on April 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, 2017! This ERB-edition will be hosted in cooperation with the University Donja Gorica (UDG).

The European Resource Bank Meeting is the largest gathering of classical liberal and conservative intellectuals, entrepreneurs, institutes, foundations and free market think tanks from all around Europe. Friends of Liberty come along to exchange ideas to weaken centralized, bureaucratic powers, to enhance individual liberties and free enterprise, and thereby also enhancing pluralism, peace and prosperity.

The 2017 Podgorica ERB meeting will offer discussions with inspiring speakers and invaluable opportunities of networking with like-minded friends. Come and join us!

Dr. Barbara Kolm, Austrian Economics Center
Dr. Pierre Garello, Institute of Economic Studies – Europe
Dr. Milica Vukotic, University Donja Gorica

What is the European Resource Bank?

The European Resource Bank is the largest annual conference of free market think-tanks in Europe and today gathers together representatives from dozens of European and American think tanks, scholars, policy experts, elected officials and other parties interested in the debate over strategies and problems posed to the European economies and the future of individual liberty in Europe. It was modelled after the Resource Bank meeting organised by the Heritage Foundation in the United States and the Liberty Forum organised by the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

ERB meetings attempt to build a ‘bank’ of human capital – the ultimate resource in the enterprise of freedom – and to create and renew the ties between the participating organisations which themselves pool human capital in the fight for a free world.

The European Resource Bank project started fourteen years ago at the initiative of Prof. Pierre Garello, Prof. Barbara Kolm, Wolfgang Müller and Prof. Hardy Bouillon, when representatives from thirteen European classical liberal think tanks met in November 2003 in Gummersbach, Germany, to reflect on ways to improve inter-organisational cooperation. During this meeting a consensus was reached that a work was still required both to improve organisational strategies and to bring into the debate all those involved in the promotion of individual liberty throughout Europe. This led Pierre Garello, Director of IES Europe, to establish the inaugural European Resource Bank meeting in Borovec, Bulgaria, spearheaded by Prof. Krassen Stanchev.

Now in its fourteenth year, each European Resource Bank Meeting is hosted by a different European institute. The program is designed by the organiser in close cooperation with historical members of the group.

While topics of the meeting are wide-ranging, from issues of European economic integration to the financial and monetary crisis, the primary mission of the European Resource Bank Meetings is to improve the organisational strategy for those promoting freedom througout Europe, and to serve as a meeting forum for organisations, experts, partners and friends to develop new ideas and share new experiences.

The European Resource Bank provides unparalleled networking opportunities for those within the European free-market and limited-government community.

The 14th European Resource Bank Meeting will be held in Podgorica on 21st – 23rd April, 2017.

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